The Board

Raincliffe Wood Community Enterprise Board must have a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 14 Directors. Directors are categorised as below:

  • a maximum of six Directors elected from the membership at the Annual General Meeting
  • a maximum of a three Expert Directors appointed by the Board
  • a maximum of  three Directors (nominated Directors) appointed annually to represent Scarborough Borough Council (2) and Barrowcliff Big Local
  • coopted Directors may also be appointed subject to a maximum of 14 Board members in total. Cooptees serve until the next AGM

It meets every 5 to 6 weeks and holds an Annual General Meeting to which all members are invited.

The current Board members are:

Robert Sword, Chair 
Board Portfolio: Governance, Asset Management
Category: Expert Director

David Evans
Category: Member Director

Karl Gerhardsen
Category: Member Director

Ian Horton
Board Portfolio: Woodland Activities
Category: Member Director

Stephen Parker
Board Portfolio: Volunteering and Events
Category: Member Director

Robert Peacock
Board Portfolio: Policies and Procedures, Health and Safety
Category: Member Director

James Risker
Category: Member Director

Simon Marrington
Board Portfolio: Woodland Management
Category: Expert Director

Roy Blenkin
Category: Nominated Director
Representative for Barrowcliff Big Local

Cllr Andrew Jenkinson
Category: Nominated Director
Representative for Scarborough Borough Council

Cllr Mark Vesey
Category: Nominated Director
Representative for Scarborough Borough Council


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