Archaeological History


A gentle walk to explore the history of the Woods

Join Marie to take in the geological features and historical use of the woods for foraging, hunter – gatherers, burial and industry. Explore it’s Geological features & Bronze Age remnants, Medieval activity and Victorian Industrial use.

When: Tuesday 18th April 2017 Sessions run at 10.30am OR 1pm (appx 2hrs).

Where: In Raincliffe Woods (Green Gates Car Park, Low Rd) Meet at Green Gates (the last car park on Low Rd before the Hackness – Ayton junction in Forge Valley).

Why do it: It’s completely FREE and it is a lot of fun! Each session is a gentle walk taking in the rich history of the woods, set in stunning scenery with an expert Archaeologist currently working at the site.

What next: Contact RWCE for further information Booking is essential and enquiries or any specific questions about the sessions can be made via the Facebook page or contact number below.


Call: (01723) 817017


Location: Raincliffe Woods (Green Gates Car Park, Low Rd)
Time: 10:30am
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