Christmas Woodland Crafts

17th Dec 2017 - 10:30am
Raincliffe Gate Car Park

Meet us at the Raincliffe Gate Car Park and we’ll head into the Woods for some Christmas crafting fun around a warming log fire!

Raincliffe Gate Car Park is on Low Road (appx 500m past Ox Pasture Hotel heading away from Scarborough towards Ayton). A flag will be out to direct you.

Why do it: Each session is completely FREE and will be lots of fun!
Each session allows you to embrace the woodland and learn more about the fun you can have in Raincliffe Woods. From learning new skills to exploring the environment and immerse yourself in the woodland way of life!

What next: Contact RWCE for further information
Enquiries or any specific questions about the sessions can be made via the Facebook page or contact number below.

Call: (01723) 817017