Mindful Poetry Wander Through the Woods

20th Oct 2023 - 13:00pm

We will take a wander through the beautiful woods of Raincliffe, pause and read nourishing poems.

Let's give poems legs!

It will give us the opportunity to connect with our surroundings and enjoy the views and wildlife, bringing us some restorative space to just 'be'.

Please bring your own favourite poetry that relates to woods or the environment and we will share them in the group.

These can be your own poems or famous ones! And if any of you feel inspired to compose poems as we walk then that will be wonderful.

We will have a chance for a cuppa (please bring your own) and a chance to share our love of poetry.

Hoping you will join me (Claire) and Gill for this adventure.

A donation on the day will be gratefully received, thank you.

The event runs 1pm to 2.30pm on Friday October 20th from Raincliffe Gate Car Park, Low Road, Scarborough

For more information contact: c.rodway@raincliffewoods.co.uk or phone: 07946745657