2nd Brash Clearing Volunteering Day

23rd Mar 2019 - 10:00am
The Sawmill Yard. Park at the Sawmill Carpark and walk up the track to the Sawmill Yard area. If you have a trailer drive up to the Sawmill Yard.

After our 1st Volunteer brash clearing day  we have been asked to arrange a second Volunteer Day. Put Saturday 23rd March in your diary. This date is a change from the previous date the 16th March which we have cancelled due to a very poor weather forecast. Once again we invite all our members and supporters to help clear up the brash from the woodland floor between the Sawmill site and Green Gate car park on Saturday 23rd March from 10am.

As a thank you for your involvement we will be cutting some of the brash into firewood logs of varying sizes for those with log burning stoves to take away in your car boot or trailer.

If you are not a member you will be most welcome to come and help us and to talk with us about our plans for the future.

Good footwear or wellington boots essential, also gardening gloves advised. We will be using secateurs, saws and shovels.

No chainsaw work will be authorised unless the user has all the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Any use will be strictly controlled.

If you are interested let us know to enable us to plan the day effectively and also to let you know if the event is canceled due to the weather. For non members email us at enquiries@raincliffewoods.co.uk.