Formal Status

Raincliffe Wood Community Enterprise is registered at Companies House as a Company Not Having A Share Capital, under Company Number  08721649. It operates as a Social Enterprise.

It was incorporated on the 13th October 2013 and is governed by its Articles of Association (latest review 1 May 2018). A copy of the Articles of Association can be found here RWCE – Articles of Association – May 2018

The registered address is: Woodend, The Crescent, Scarborough, YO11 2PW

Annual Accounts

Accounts are filed each financial year with Companies House.  Copies are available on request. Please email:

Annual General Meeting

An Annual General Meeting is held, usually in April or May,  to which all members are invited.  The meeting receives and approves the annual accounts, appoints the Company’s Accountants and elects Directors to the Board.

Approved Minutes of Annual General Meetings can be found here:

2015-04-15 Minutes – RWCE AGM

2016-05-17 Minutes – RWCE AGM

2017-04-25 Minutes – RWCE AGM

Board Meetings

The Board meets every 4 to 6 weeks. The approved minutes of the meetings will be posted here, excluding any items which the Board deems to be of a confidential nature.


Board meeting 30 May 2017 (Non- Confidential) Minutes

Board meeting 12 June 2017 – this meeting was confidential

Board Meeting 4 July 2017 (Non- Confidential) Minutes

Board Meeting 12 September 2017 (Non-Confidential) Minutes

Board Meeting 17 October 2017 (Non-Confidential) Minutes

Board Meeting 20 November 2017 (Non-Confidential) Minutes

Board Meeting 11 December 2017 (Non-Confidential) Minutes

Board Meeting 16 January 2018 (Non Confidential) Minutes

Board Meeting 20 February 2018 (Non-Confidential) Minutes

Board meeting 27 March 2018 (Non-Confidential) Minutes

Board Meeting 29 May 2018 (Non-Confidential) Minutes

Board Meeting 3 July 2018 (Non Confidential) Minutes

Board meeting 11 September 2018 (Non-Confidential) Minutes

Board Meeting 16 October 2018 (Non-Confidential) Minutes