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Cock Hollow, Tree Roots
5th December 2018

Raincliffe Wood, Forge Valley and Row Brow Wood provide a green and quiet space on the edge of Scarborough and the villages of East and West Ayton. For many access is by car as there is no public transport that travels through the woods. Dog Walkers, Walkers, Cyclists, Runners and Horse Riders are the main users. When our volunteers are in the wood we often get a chance to hear their views on the woodland and how it is used. A common point mentioned by dog walkers is their concern when mountain bikers cross the Middle Track at speed. This issues has been briefed to the mountain bike users and they themselves are doing all they can to bring this concern to the attention of the mountain bikers.

Raincliffe Meadow,Scarborough Conservation Volunteers,Raincliffe Woods Community Enterprise is tasked as part of its business plan to encourage more residents and visitors to use the woodlands. We are also working to improve access to the public on foot and on cycles along Lady Edith's Drive and working now to deliver a project to improve and replace the Boardwalk in Forge Valley. Inevitably having more people in the woodland and a wider use of the woodland will not please those people who enjoy just the peace and quiet and time on their own. The woodland is very large and within a short walk of many of the popular car parks and paths you can be on your own.

We are very keen to hear the views of all the different users and anyone who has an interest in the woodland. Please complete our survey and let us know your views. Click here for the Survey. 

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