Litter Pick Forge Valley

26th February 2019

With warm sunshine bringing the plants back to life in Forge Valley, the litter thrown out of the many cars and vans traveling through Forge Valley could not be left any longer.

Members of Raincliffe Woods Community Enterprise took on the task and litter picked a mile long section.

In recent weeks the remains of take away snacks and drinks have become more and more noticeable alongside the roadway. Why throw the waste out of the car or van window. Plastic bottles and cans of coke, energy drinks and fruit juices  were found along the stretch from Wallis Quarry carpark to the Ironbridge carpark.

In total seven bags of rubbish were collected in this section and McDonalds, KFC, Costa Coffee, crisp packets and sweet wrappers made up the bulk of the litter. Beer cans and bottles of wine made up the rest. Two large 4x4 tyres, hub cap, rake and the remains of someones car front wing were all too large and heavy to remove and Scarborough Borough Council staff will hopefully pick them up in the next two days.

The sooner there is a deposit on takeaway drinks the better.

A special Thank You to The Spar Supermarket in East Ayton for their contribution towards the Litter Pick.