Getting involved in 2016

17th January 2017

2016 was a great year for the Woods in terms of some local companies and organisations really helping us out. We had teams from Yorkshire Coast Homes, Scarborough Hospital and McCains offering their help and time, and they achieved some great things.

Teams from McCains and Scarborough Hospital joined us on different days with both teams achieving their aims of helping out and having fun.  Both days saw an old and damaged bridge in the Woods being replaced with a new one, which in both cases was built from timber sourced in the woods.


The Yorkshire Coast Homes day was a great success with around 100 member of their team joining us for a day of hard work, and lot's of fun! They completed so major tasks including the resurfacing of the Throxenby Mere carpark, a new outdoor classroom site for Barrowcliff School and repairs to one of the main pathways up into the woods from Throxenby Mere, plus some new picnic tables and chairs.

Thanks to everyone who helped, and if you would like an away day with a difference please get in touch via our contact page.