Review of 2016

5th January 2017

Looking back to 2016 the work of our volunteers stands out, repairing footbridges, maintaining footpaths, clearing drainage ditches and restoring the woodland floor after the felling and thinning. Young and old, all have been welcomed to the sessions with some in the weekdays and some at the weekends. 

Some of the work was also directed at the mountain bike tracks with a new bridge and track created to enable riders to run down their own track in to the car park. Drainage work has been very effective at improving the surface of footpaths and removing boggy sections. With so many footpaths  it is an ongoing job to ensure all the manufactured features are kept safe.

If you find a bridge or prepared surface in need of attention drop us a note using our Contact Us form.




During the year we worked with Thorne Park Farm to assess the viability of using some of their powered machinery to extract some of the fell to waste timber from the 2015 work. 


This was very successful and the farm were able to take to their barns and convert the timber in to sawn planks which were then re used in the footbridge restoration work.

We are looking forward to many more successful volunteering days in 2017 and wish all our volunteers and supporters Best Wishes for the New Year.