Senseless damage

Demonstrate vandalism tp a birch tree.
28th July 2019

It is very sad to see vandalism such as this in the woodland. A mature birch tree alongside the Picnic Field in Raincliffe Woods has been damaged through the senseless actions of several people, given the number of drink cans left scattered around the Picnic Field.

Looking at the bark of the damaged branch it also looks as though at least one person has attended a bushcraft course as the bark of the silver birch has been stripped in places exposing the purple colour underneath. The bark is an excellent material for starting a fire which is taught in bushcraft.

Damaged Silver Birch
A bough of a Silver Birch tree cut in to with a saw for no reason.

The group also lit a fire in the middle of the Picnic Field spoiling the ground for others and then threw their beer cans on to the fire. The lighting of fires is not permitted in any of the woodland without permission and in very dry conditions is an extreme danger to the whole of the woodland and its wildlife.

The abandoned fire pit and beer cans left.

If you walked through the woods and had sight of those responsible you can contact us  using our online form. Any information would help such as age and numbers, on foot or on bikes.

There are litter bins in the woods however we would encourage all those who picnic to take home the waste they have brought with them. It is not fair to all those who volunteer to have to clear away the rubbish and waste of others.