The Toads of Throxenby Mere

14th March 2017

The warmer spring evenings have brought on a great migration in and around Raincliffe Wood (and across the rest of Scarborough and the UK!) …toads, and hundreds of them.

The male and female toads are returning to their spawning waters, and where they have to cross roads they are in real danger from cars and other traffic. Our volunteers and others have been out in recent evenings and seen large numbers of toads crossing from the fields towards Throxenby Mere. Whilst we have been able to assist some, many have not made it. This is where Frog Life Toad Patrols come in.

Frog Life co-ordinate a UK wide scheme of volunteer patrols to both monitor and hopefully save toads who are moving around at this time of year, they liaise with local groups and organisations like the Highways Agency. This year it is a bit late to get a full patrol in place but we hope to have one in place ready for 2018, if you are already doing your own toad patrols in and around Raincliffe Wood, or would be interested in helping with one then please get in touch.