Volunteer day at Raincliffe Gate - Another successful event.

19th October 2019

A very satisfying volunteering day on all counts. Even the lunchtime rain did not stop the work.

The main task was to clean up the small woodland across the road from Raincliffe Gate carpark. All the plastic tree protectors were collected up and taken to the Raincliffe Gate where we filled two trailer loads and sent to the tip. A BMX bike, car tyre and inner tube, plastic bags, bottles, tin cans and over a dozen cigarillo tins were collected from all around the woodland filling a third trailer load.

This part of woodland is now a delightful area with two picnic benches, plenty of bird life and a carpet of woodland flowers in Spring time. The variety of Autumn fungi and toadstools is amazing.

Our efforts  were then focussed on rhododendrons which are trying to grow back. This is an invasive species and in most sites we want to clear them. There are a couple of established flowering bushes in the woods which add a splash of colour in the summer which we are leaving.

Our work involved pulling out the regrowth which remarkably was coming from branches that had been cut down two years ago and left on the ground. At the end of the day the ground cleared was remarkable but still plenty to go at for our next Volunteer Day in November.

We also undertook some work around the footpath going up to the Middle Ride which has become very muddy due to the path becoming a stream  in wet weather.

We also recruited three new members on the day and the interest of numerous visitors. The full car park was impressive but we have to say that many were there for a Bear Hunt birthday party in the woods. What a fabulous alternative way for so many young children to celebrate in the wild woods.

Our next volunteer day in November will be posted very soon.

Thank you to all our volunteers.