Wildflower Walk in Forge Valley

Now is the time to experience nature at its best. Come and join our Wildflower Walk in Forge Valley National Nature Reserve on Sunday 8th May 2022 at 10am. Meeting point confirmed when booking. Spaces are limited to minimise the footfall impact on the plants and flowers. To book for this event click here for Eventbrite. Tickets are £30 for a 4 hour guided walk where attendees will be able to improve their wildflower identification skills.

The Wild Garlic provides a stimulation to all our three senses. Sight, Smell & Taste. Hidden amongst the green carpet and leaf mould many small flowers are missed as you walk through the woodlands and some are vampire like living off the trees around them such as Common Toothwort hidden in the dead leaves.

Common Toothwort

How many of these wild flowers can you identify and are any non native?

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