Winter Days in Rainclifffe Woods and Forge Valley

5th January 2017

On a winters day you can find peace and quite and stunning views in Raincliffe Woods and Forge Valley. On the north facing slopes of Raincliffe and the steep shaded valley sides in Forge Valley often the frost does not leave all day and the birds are silent and hiding. Yet if you stray in to the small woodland on the north side of the road through Raincliffe Woods around midday when the sun just rises over the top of the woods you will find an amazing variety of birds. Many of them become active as the sun warms up the trees and small bugs and flies become active attracting tree creepers, nuthatch, tits, robins, blackbirds and wrens.

Let us know the birds you have seen and where is best to see them.


With so many paths in Raincliffe woods and through Forge Valley and from Hackness, Scalby & Newby along the Seacut you can be assured of stunning views and a chance to see deer, badgers, squirrels and even otters if you are lucky.

Let us know your favourite walks in and around Raincliffe Woods and Forge Valley. Contact Us