Working Together

Scarborough, Green Gate, Raincliffe Wood
5th December 2018

Once again the Scarborough Conservation Volunteers (ConVols) have been working hard in Raincliffe Wood. This time the project was to install two new gate posts at Green Gate car park. Working together with Raincliffe Wood Community Enterprise and with materials provided by Scarborough Borough Council the team set to work. The task required digging out manually two very deep holes in rocky ground to take the posts. With quick setting post cement and a spirit level the ConVols completed an excellent job.

With new padlocks in place unwanted access to the woodland and the middle ride track by four-wheeled vehicles can no longer take place. Maintaining security in a publicly accessible woodland will always be a challenge. With many regular users everyday walking and riding most of the paths and tracks they can all play their part. If you see anything happening in the woodland, damaged gates, missing locks or evidence of inappropriate use of the woodland than please contact via our web site or email directly


The woodland is for everyone but we all need to play our part in keeping the woodland safe and secure.Raincliffe Wood, Community Enterprise, Contact