Objectives & Ethos

To ensure the longevity of Raincliffe Woods, it has to be managed sustainably.

By embracing the ethics of permaculture and promoting biodiversity, we'll make the woods a legacy that will benefit our and future generations of the community.

The wood is an opportunity to develop and apply an alternative/low impact educational centre that has sustainable energy generation and manufacturing technology, whilst staying “off-grid”.

Community control is vital to develop and implement structures that provide local materials and good services.

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Objectives & Ethos: Wildlife

Gradually restore the woods to predominantly broadleaf planted ancient woodland.

Enhance the wildlife value and biodiversity of the woods.

Act as a model of best practice in sustainable woodland management for others to learn from.

Spoon club

Objectives & Ethos: People

Promote the woods and encourage their greater use and enjoyment.

Maintain and improve public access for all.

Increase community involvement in the management of the woods.

Educate people about woods and their environment.

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Objectives & Ethos: Enterprise

Establish a social enterprise to generate income to support only the sustainable management of the woods and associated activities.

Carry out woodland management, timber extraction and conversion of timber to a variety of products to generate this income.

Support the wider economic regeneration of the Scarborough area through contributions to tourism, jobs and training.

What Next?

This can only be achieved by your involvement in the wood.

Over the coming months, we'll be holding events where you are welcome to come along and get involved.

In the meantime why not become a member  as it is free to do so, just sign the application form or stay connected by visiting the website.

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