Woodland Improvements

As part of the WREN funded project, we will shortly be undertaking a thinning operation in certain sections of the woodland.

Thinning is a process where selected trees are felled so that those remaining have more growing space and less root competition with other trees. The work is being carried out by the Woodland Trust, please visit the plans page to view and download a Revised Management plan and the latest maps and proposals.

Where possible the trees selected for removal will be to favour broadleaved trees. The work also allows more light to the ground, which encourages the ancient woodland ground flora to develop beneath the trees with less competition from the neighbouring conifers.



The woodland work will inevitably cause some short-term disruption to users of the wood. Chainsaws and forest machinery are fairly noisy, but the work is only for a short period. Access to the woodland will be maintained as near normal as possible.



May we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.