Horse Logging in Raincliffe Woods

British Horse Logging, Missy, Raincliffe Woods
12th February 2019

We are now in to our second week of logging and extraction using the services of Chris Wadsworth and his horse Missy. Today Tuesday the 12th February Missy has been extracting trees all day and certainly earning her keep. Next week Missy will be back again to continue extracting trees from a difficult and steep slope. The difference in the minimal disturbance to the woodland floor is very noticeable and only creates a narrow track between the standing trees. Even a very wet and muddy stream in a deep ditch is no problem for Missy.

Missy will be back in Raincliffe Woods next week 19th - 20th February with Chris to help pull more thinned trees out to the sawmill yard. Chris and Missy will be happy to see you but please make sure you do not enter the thinning areas while work is underway. Keep clear of tracks Missy will be pulling the logs down. Always respect Chris's instructions while he is walking with Missy.

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You can find out more about British Horse Logging on their web page.

Missy, Raincliffe Woods, Horse Logging