Our Tree Felling and Thinning Programme - How It Works

Details about our tree felling programme in Raincliffe Woods

Our tree felling programme is built around sound forestry principles.

The impact, whilst a shock after the initial felling has taken place in a woodland compartment, results in increased sunlight to the forest floor.

However, these opened-up spaces gives ground flora a chance to come back to life.

Our slides below cover each of the main aspects of the tree felling and thinning programme.

March 2023

Key points of our tree thinning and felling programme:

  • Targets dense previously planted stands of Larch and Beech
  • The planted stands are of single species and very poor plant growth due to little sunlight
  • About a third of the trees in a stand are thinned to reduce the risk of wind throw
  • Brash from felling is left to provide habitat/shelter and to rot down over time encouraging fungi
  • Some selective re stocking is done with native tree species
  • Natural regeneration is the preferred as the tree cover develops naturally
  • Longer term this approach will ensure a mixed aged woodland with a wide variety of native trees and habitats
  • Non-native invasive shrubs are removed to aid the recovery of the woodland floor.
  • Volunteers help with much of the woodland restoration work after the contractor have finished

Additional work is also being undertaken to tackle Chalara (Ash Dieback)

Ash Dieback is now present in almost every ash tree in our woodlands and will seriously impact upon the landscape.

Where ash trees are close to car parks, highways and Public Rights of Way, we fell them to make things safe.

Affected trees become brittle from with inside the trunk and branches leading to sudden failure.

Tree Felling and Thinning Programme 

Larger ash trees will be cut down to around six metres to leave the main truck to potentially regrow and resists further infection but also importantly provide habitat for insects and birds.

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