Power to Change Funding - A Big Thank You

12th May 2020

Power to Change and Raincliffe Woods Community Enterprise

Power to Change provides funding over a two year period.

We have now been able to move away from an entirely volunteer-run organisation to one managed by experienced woodland staff.

Today, we are thriving, thanks to the Power to Change funding.

A Community Interest Company

Raincliffe Woods Community Enterprise (RWCE) is a Community Interest Company (CIC).

It is with pride that we say we have three members of staff delivering woodland heritage projects and events, and woodland events for families and children.

RWCE hosts specialist events around foraging, star gazing and Christmas and Summer woodland themed events.

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Power to Change Funding: Health and Wellbeing

We are also delivering health and wellbeing events with woodland walks, woodland activities and volunteering sessions.

Our Wellbeing Walks are now a regular feature and are well attended.

See our news page for some of our forthcoming events.

Forest Maintenance

The regular forestry maintenance work is now being undertaken by our own Forestry Operative.

Problems that are tackled include the results of Ash Dieback and dangerous trees.

Additional jobs include small scale thinning work using a tractor and winch to pull to the trackside.

We then use our forestry trailer to move items for storage and collection from the Old Sawmill Yard.

Our Manager coordinates the day to day activities and provides a main contact point for our enquiries and future planing.

Raincliffe Woods
Raincliffe woods

Forestry Equipment

With the capital provided by Power to Change,  we now have  our own van, quad and tractor as well as our container store.

So, all this equipment enables us to take control of our day-to-day work.

Therefore this means we are no longer dependent upon contractors for much of our forestry work and running our own activities.

Our team of Directors can now to step back from much of the daily activities.

They can now concentrate on the future direction and strategy.

Post Pandemic

Funding from Power to Change gives us the opportunity to implement so many of the excellent ideas we have been working so hard to develop.

The impact of Covid-19 restrictions of 2020 and 2021 brought into focus the importance to our general health and wellbeing.

Many of us rediscovered our woodlands, which provide us with stunning outdoor spaces which can be beneficial to us all.

Overall, Power to Change funding came at such an important time in all our lives.

We will ensure the investment from Power to Change continues to support our work in the woodland.

The team is working towards the woodland becomes as much a part of our lives in Scarborough as the seafront.

We want future generations to have a woodland to be very proud of.