Why not become a member of Raincliffe Wood Community Enterprise?

If you are interested in Raincliffe Wood Community Enterprise why not become a member? Membership is free, for life, and means you own the Enterprise equally with every other member. Once a member, you can also become a volunteer and be practically involved in the project. You will get regular updates on what is happening, be able to vote at meetings and the AGM, and stand for election to the management board if you wish.

All we ask is, if you become part of our membership, then you share our vision and aims.

Our Vision:

To build a strong community enterprise that secures a safe and sustainable future for the woods while enhancing wildlife and community benefits.


Wildlife aims:

  • Gradually restore the woods to predominantly broadleaf ancient woodland
  • Enhance the wildlife value and biodiversity of the woods
  • Act as a model of best practice in sustainable woodland management for others to learn from

People aims:

  • Promote the woods and encourage their greater use and enjoyment
  • Maintain and improve public access for all
  • Increase community involvement in the management of the woods
  • Educate people about woods and their environment

Enterprise aims:

  • Establish a social enterprise to generate income to support only the sustainable management of the woods and associated activities
  • Carry out woodland management, timber extraction and conversion of timber to a variety of products to generate this income
  • Support the wider economic regeneration of the Scarborough area through contributions to tourism, jobs and training


If you would like to become a member please complete the form below and in doing so agree with the vision and aims of Raincliffe Wood Community Enterprise:

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