Keeping paths and tracks clear

28th January 2020

Since the signing of the Lease in July last year responsibility for dealing with fallen trees and branches across Public Rights of Way and Bridleways is now with Raincliffe Woods Community Enterprise.
Our volunteers walk many of the paths but can not cover them all everyday. If you find your path is blocked then take a photo if you have a camera phone or camera and send your photo and report through our Contact Us page using the email address. If you can not take a photo do your best to remember which path you took and the nearest car park and report through the same Contact Us.

Our most recent problems have occurred in Forge Valley where mature trees are possibly reaching an age where their size and weight is too great for the rocky soil and steep slopes to hold them upright any longer.

If you see an unsafe tree or branch alongside a footpath or track let us know and we will assess the risk. Other than the Larch and Beech trees we are trying to leave as many trees standing including Ash trees. Although Ash Dieback is present in the woodlands we are currently letting nature try and find natural resistance amongst the trees. There has been advise to fell all Ash trees within 30 metres distance of paths or tracks but as Ash is the dominant tree in the woods the felling of all these trees would create  major visual scars especially in Forge Valley Nature Reserve.


On the east side of Forge Valley a Public Right of Way which runs from Wallis Quarry half way up the steep valley side had an Oak tree which fell overnight without warning or strong winds. Examination of the tree showed extensive internal rot at the base of the tree with no external signs.